Book Creator Workshop

Hi there,

My second visit to Henley Beach Library was for a book making workshop session, I created for the children. We had a full booking of 20 kids, which was great!  We started with a Delia book reading for inspiration, followed by a paper folding into a small book, no staples or sticky tape required! (I will post the instructions for this shortly).Then the children were free to create their own story or use my Create-a-story box.

The box has many story prompts to get started if you are stuck for ideas. I had such fun making these, and the children seemed to enjoy them too. If they didn’t like the prompt, they could go and choose another.

At the end of the workshop there were so many amazing front covers, and great starts to wonderful stories. I will let the photo collage below speak for itself.  If you would like to have your full story featured, get your mum or dad to post a comment, or send an email to:

Well done everyone, it was fun meeting you all!



The cutest thing happened……

Hi , I just needed to share this with you all!

We were enjoying a lovely sunny Winters’ day in the park with some friends and our children.

My friend’s daughter had purchased a cute pair of leopard print earmuffs. I was told Delia was the influence of her new fashion accessory!

‘Who is your favourite character from the book?’ I asked. ‘Delia!’ She replied. Then, on cue she turned to my daughter and they recited this in unison:

The little girl said loudly,
‘Mummy, those earmuffs look really nice.’

But Delia heard,
‘Mummy, those earmuffs look like bowls of mice.’

If that’s not the best review!

Thank you ladies!


Pink earmuff (Pom Pom) making

During my childhood I made many, many pom poms. Mum and I made huge ones to sew onto a clown costume for a fancy dress party. I will find the photo and post it for a laugh!

Here’s what you need:

Scissors (sharp ones, you will need an adult to help you.)
A cup to draw 2 circles, the size you need, or a compass!

1. Draw 2 circles onto cardboard. Draw 1 cm holes in the centre of each circle and cut out, making a donut. (Make sure they line up!)

2. Hold both cardboard donuts together. Grab your wool, make a small enough ball and start working the wool through the hole, all the way around your donut, until the hole is filled. You can use different colours for each layer.

3. Once you have ‘filled’ the hole in the centre, start cutting around the outside of the wool. Now thread a piece of wool between the 2 cardboard pieces, and tie up tightly. Pull the cardboard pieces away, and trim any stray lengths.

4. We used pipe cleaners to make Delia’s earmuffs. Have fun! Send me a photo of your Pom poms!