Local Library storytelling

We’ve had some fun, my daughter and I, visiting local libraries and meeting some wonderful kids who love Delia and her perfectly pink earmuffs!

First we visited Parkholme Library, (larger than I expected) wonderfully helpful staff, and they also have a fabulous toy library.  (Wish I knew this when DD was little!)

Next we visited Marion Cultural centre, which is a fabulous space for creativity. They have many free events here. Check their next school holiday events at Marion.gov.au. I met some eager children, who were very creative, and put together some beautiful earmuffs of their own, after my storytelling.

A big thank you to all the library co-ordinators everywhere, who put so much time, care and effort into organising events for our communities to learn , enjoy and come away inspired.

Zoe’s Perfectly Pink Earmuffs


Book Creator Workshop

Hi there,

My second visit to Henley Beach Library was for a book making workshop session, I created for the children. We had a full booking of 20 kids, which was great!  We started with a Delia book reading for inspiration, followed by a paper folding into a small book, no staples or sticky tape required! (I will post the instructions for this shortly).Then the children were free to create their own story or use my Create-a-story box.

The box has many story prompts to get started if you are stuck for ideas. I had such fun making these, and the children seemed to enjoy them too. If they didn’t like the prompt, they could go and choose another.

At the end of the workshop there were so many amazing front covers, and great starts to wonderful stories. I will let the photo collage below speak for itself.  If you would like to have your full story featured, get your mum or dad to post a comment, or send an email to: loutram1@icloud.com.

Well done everyone, it was fun meeting you all!


Delia Book Launch Success!

Hi everyone,

Well what a fun launch day we had at Henley Beach Library. I am pleased to tell you it was a great success, and the kids had such fun listening to my story, followed by some craft, creating their own earmuffs with fake fur, and glittery bits, and a healthy morning tea.

I met quite a few new readers, who took away my book, found a cosy spot to sit and  read it over and over with their parents and grandparents, finding something new each time.

A BIG thank you to Julia and Sue at the Library for your support and setting up each area. Everything ran so smoothly. Also thank you to Mayor Evans for officiating the launch, who spoke of the need for different types of books out there to appeal to the individual reader.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended, it was lovely too see so many smiling faces!


The cutest thing happened……

Hi , I just needed to share this with you all!

We were enjoying a lovely sunny Winters’ day in the park with some friends and our children.

My friend’s daughter had purchased a cute pair of leopard print earmuffs. I was told Delia was the influence of her new fashion accessory!

‘Who is your favourite character from the book?’ I asked. ‘Delia!’ She replied. Then, on cue she turned to my daughter and they recited this in unison:

The little girl said loudly,
‘Mummy, those earmuffs look really nice.’

But Delia heard,
‘Mummy, those earmuffs look like bowls of mice.’

If that’s not the best review!

Thank you ladies!


Delia’s Perfectly Pink Earmuffs now at Dymocks Glenelg, SA!

Today, I managed to pluck up enough courage and ask my local bookshop if they sell self-published books. The Manager said he would be delighted to support a local writer! You can put your book on consignment for as long as it takes to sell. Who knew?

I have had many people ask which bookshop they can get hold of a copy of my book and tell friends, so now I can say, ‘Dymocks Bookshop, Jetty Road, Glenelg! Tell your friends!’

Dymocks Glenelg have a fantastic selection of children’s books (and grown up ones too, but I always end up down the back!) many new releases, and lots of classics too. They also have an upstairs floor with many great bargains. Check it out for yourself!

A BIG thank you to Dan and his staff at Dymocks, Glenelg for putting Delia’s Perfectly Pink Earmuffs onto their shelves!

PLEASE support your local bookshop wherever you live.


First School Visit – YIKES!

Yikes! Just days after I take delivery of my picture book, I am in my daughter’s classroom for a very first Book Reading.

I am a little shy in a crowd, but the kids were so adorable. I looked at their happy little faces, put on my best smile, and just read my book. They all sat there, very attentive, and listened to every word.

Their questions were fantastic, and just kept coming. I hope I have inspired them as much as they have motivated me. Maybe a sequel with a flying toolbox?

The children are currently working on the Narrative Genre (storytelling) and creating their own books, which is just fantastic.

I very much look forward to reading your picture books in the coming weeks Room 5A, thanks for having us!