The Spirit of Mother Christmas

I could list all the excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging, but that’s boring, and I want to give you something interesting to read! AND … I do have very exciting news…’re invited in my next post!

I found this excellent post at on the female origins of Christmas, in which the female horned reindeer, who was the great goddess of the north, and associated with the Winter solstice. It was when the pagan traditions of Winter solstice were “Christianised”, that the bearded man “Father Christmas” was born.  For more of this read on….Spirit of Mother Christmas 


I do hope ENJOY your holidays. The year has passed so quickly, I’ll be happy to relax. This is how we spend our Christmas Day …

 After the gift unwrapping,  we usually start Christmas lunch with a champagne and nibbles. I’m going to add some peach puree to mine this year. Lunch consists of a large piece of pork with excellent crackling, and lots of apple sauce and gravy & fruit pudding & custard for dessert. However, since writing this post, Nana has changed it to a seafood feast, which is fine. Bring on the oysters, prawns and fish! I will now make a spicy icecream cherry pudding my dear friend gave me the delicious recipe,  (which I’m sure she won’t mind if I blog the recipe?) which makes complete sense, as our Christmas Day is generally over 30 degrees  C!  Then, probably a nana nap. But, secretly, I still love a roast pork!

So how will you spend your Christmas? Is it a big feast, or low key? Or is Christmas Eve the main event, and what do you eat?  I would love to know.


Merry Christmas memories

Yes, memories of Christmases past I hold dear. The picture on the old cooking card below I marvelled at every Christmas as I watched my Mother scooting around our kitchen, preparing the pork for roasting, making sure there was enough dripping in the tray for the crispiest potatoes, and the perfect gravy and home-made apple sauce. The smell of the pudding as it was being fried in butter on Boxing Day, served with icecream. I think this is the reason we hold onto traditions and create new ones for our families. It locks in those memories, connecting us with the past, carrying those layers of happiness with us into the present.

Wishing you all a Christmas full of cheer and happy memories.