A Little Bit About Me, the creator of Delia


Now, a little more about me and how I arrived here….

I recall the school library being a wonderland of discovery, and a great refuge to escape the noisy playground. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dr Seuss, Pollyanna, Charlotte’s Web, to name a few. My reading list grew and grew, as did my love for books.

Skip, skip……tra la la…….into …………

Motherhood inspired me back into reading and writing. Reading picture books again to my child, I remembered what I loved so much at school. BOOKS!

I enrolled into a six month TAFE course in Professional Writing – Writing for Children. I treasure those months of learning in a very supportive and creative environment.

I wrote across all genres, soon realising picture book writing was indeed more challenging than first thought. I recall Mem Fox telling her audience at a book launch to ‘Write with zest!’ Great advice. So I wrote that down and kept finding inspiring words and quotes to keep me motivated. This is now a daily habit.

So dear reader, how does writing or reading a great book make you feel in one word? Let me know what you think about my blog. I would love to hear from you.

Happy reading & writing!



4 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me, the creator of Delia

  1. After having retired last year I have also regained my longing for good books as I did in my childhood. It’s like an untameable appetite. I really appreciate when an author has cared for the language. Congratulations on your book release. I will try to put you in contact with another blogger Paula Pederson who is also working on her book release http://www.paulapederson.com

  2. Thanks so much Maria. It has taken two years, and I loved the creative path it has led me on and the people I have met. It’s is such a positive experience which I hope to share with more children in future book readings! I am now following Paula Pederson, who like yourself seems like she has a world of wisdom to share.

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