Book Week – Bookmaking in Junior Primary

I had a lovely visit last week to my daughter’s school. The students from Junior Primary, were very enthused about their current book making projects. I visited 7 classes, and read my book to each class, with many laughs and giggles. One student requested, ‘Could you read the blurb first?’ and no one had any idea what a navel was, as we all call it a belly button now! So while the teachers thought the ‘inventive Automatic Navel Fluff Extractor Machine’ was hilarious, the picture was essential for the children to understand. I thought it made a good discussion point on how important the illustrations are for ‘showing’ the story. Or maybe it should have been an ‘Automatic Belly Button Fluff Extractor Machine!

Then we had question time, and I gave them an activity. What would Delia invent next?  You can write it down and/or draw a picture. 

I was amazed by all the incredibly colourful drawings that were created as I went around and talked to the kids about how their inventions worked.  There were many re-invented earmuffs, alot of hot air balloons, tool boxes with magical things inside, treasure maps and portals into other times and worlds! Everyone was so full of smiles and enthusiasm.

Thank you to all teachers and students for a fun day. Keep up the great work with your wonderful writing projects.



4 thoughts on “Book Week – Bookmaking in Junior Primary

    • Yes, I totally agree. Thanks for your input, much appreciated. I think they have learnt some big words in my picture book, and that’s why it’s so much fun! I actually had one of the teachers read my book aloud, it took on a different perspective for me again.

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