The cutest thing happened……

Hi , I just needed to share this with you all!

We were enjoying a lovely sunny Winters’ day in the park with some friends and our children.

My friend’s daughter had purchased a cute pair of leopard print earmuffs. I was told Delia was the influence of her new fashion accessory!

‘Who is your favourite character from the book?’ I asked. ‘Delia!’ She replied. Then, on cue she turned to my daughter and they recited this in unison:

The little girl said loudly,
‘Mummy, those earmuffs look really nice.’

But Delia heard,
‘Mummy, those earmuffs look like bowls of mice.’

If that’s not the best review!

Thank you ladies!



3 thoughts on “The cutest thing happened……

  1. Delia, I too have always wanted to write a children’s picture book, their fresh insights are worth recording. Instead I’m hoping to publish a family history next winter. Thanks for liking my blog about Post WW II music. Slow dancing is more romantic.

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