First School Visit – YIKES!

Yikes! Just days after I take delivery of my picture book, I am in my daughter’s classroom for a very first Book Reading.

I am a little shy in a crowd, but the kids were so adorable. I looked at their happy little faces, put on my best smile, and just read my book. They all sat there, very attentive, and listened to every word.

Their questions were fantastic, and just kept coming. I hope I have inspired them as much as they have motivated me. Maybe a sequel with a flying toolbox?

The children are currently working on the Narrative Genre (storytelling) and creating their own books, which is just fantastic.

I very much look forward to reading your picture books in the coming weeks Room 5A, thanks for having us!



6 thoughts on “First School Visit – YIKES!

  1. I have taken my copy with me to school on my supply days and read it to Lily’s prep class and a year one class. Tomorrow I’ll take it with me again to another year one class. They all loved it!

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