Book release! Delia’s Perfectly Pink Earmuffs

That’s right, my picture books have been delivered this week. It has been so exciting to see the glossy covers, and the colourful pages inside. A real book, I am so proud of.

My friends and colleagues have been very supportive by ordering a book and saying ‘we have to support local writers!’ How fantastic is that!

It’s been two years from an idea, write, edit, illustrate, print. I’ve had a lot of fun and I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way. Once again I want to thank Kaylee, my Illustrator to bring this to fruition, and extract stuff out of my head. No mean feat! And my Editor, Robyn, thank you.

Here, I am revealing the last two pages of my book to entice you to order!!😃 I am selling my book for $15.00 each. 😀If you like the pages so far and would like to order, (they make great, affordable birthday gifts!) just send me a message and we can arrange delivery to your door.



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