Writing 101 – Day 11: Size Matters (in sentences)

Today’s Prompt: Where did you live when you were 12 years old?

A simple 3 bedroom home. Orange bricks, green roof. A large willow tree had grown quickly over the 12 years, as I watched it sway in the breeze from our big front window. It weathered many bad storms. It would sway and bend, but its roots were strong.

By the age of 12, a large shopping centre had taken up the view of the ocean and many houses surrounded us.

My Mum wasn’t a green thumb but she had attempted to build a fernery. The soil was not the best quality. I think I inherited the brown thumb too!

We had wide expanses of lawn, that were nearly always full of prickles. I sun baked under the soaker hose, while my two cocker spaniels dropped tennis balls in my hands, to play fetch.

My bedroom was apricot in colour, with a tiger and bamboo quilt, tiger pillow, and large bamboo chair. It was my haven to escape from my worries. I worried about everything. I spent a lot of time listening to the Coca-cola Top 40 on the radio, Madonna released her first album. I thought she was cool, and I dressed the same.


3 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 11: Size Matters (in sentences)

  1. I listened to the top 40 too and taped my favourite songs using the cassette player! Do they even still exist?? 🙂 Madonna was one of my favourite singers too. Your African safari room sounds amazing.

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