Writing 101 – Day 1: Free Write

I am embarking on a course within the WordPress realm, which started a few days ago. WordPress will send a daily writing prompt every week day for a month, and it’s up to the participant whether they wish to publish on their own blog or keep it private. So as I’ve decided, I’m throwing myself into the deep end!

Day one challenge:
Take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.

Then there’s a twist……

And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.

So here I go…..dipping my big toe……a little fictitious rant!

The art of cooking and the connections it creates through time, has always fascinated me.

I remember a moment in time, I was helping my Grandmother bake scones in her kitchen. I felt so happy as she lifted me onto an old wooden chair and gave me a wooden spoon to mix the flour, butter and milk together.
‘Grandma, can we put some dates in like Mum does?’ I asked.
‘Yes, of course, I’ll see what we have in the larder.’She replied.

The sun was setting, and the birds were huddling together on the branches of the gum tree. I could see them from the kitchen window. I then saw something moving in the deep shadows of the garden, but the shape was unfamiliar to me.

I recalled my Grandmother’s words:
‘Ah, my dear, but there are many fantastical, tiny creatures in our garden. If you believe with all your heart, you will see them with your own eyes.

I looked into the bowl of flour and then up again, and there right in front of my nose, was a tiny little fellow hovering by the window sill. His wings were a complete blur. I kept still and just stared. He left me five tiny gem like stones. ‘With these stones, you will always be safe.’

I swiftly shoved the stones into my pocket just as Grandma re-entered the room.

‘How is the scone mixture going dear?’ She asked.

I’m not sure how, but before my eyes, was a tray of six perfect scone balls, ready for the oven.


3 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 1: Free Write

  1. That’s great you’re participating in Writing 101 – you’ll have lots of fun meeting all the other bloggers doing the challenges too. Sweet story. It’s nice to have a fairy help you out when you’re baking.

  2. Thanks, I really needed to get going, so I am taking the opportunity of being on holiday, and committing to this. I just hope the fairy sticks around to do the washing up! I am writing on all sorts of subjects, and yes meeting some lovely and helpful bloggers.

  3. Sarah Darbyshire says:

    Lovely story re the baking, I was totally into it. I used to love baking with my Nanna too, really should do it more with the girls. The girls would love that story too, this is so your thing Lyndal good on you.

    Now did you get my message asking for one of your books? Were desperate to get our hands on a copy if its possible. I can transfer funds online?

    How you enjoying the holidays? Times flying heh 😉 X >

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