Pink earmuff (Pom Pom) making

During my childhood I made many, many pom poms. Mum and I made huge ones to sew onto a clown costume for a fancy dress party. I will find the photo and post it for a laugh!

Here’s what you need:

Scissors (sharp ones, you will need an adult to help you.)
A cup to draw 2 circles, the size you need, or a compass!

1. Draw 2 circles onto cardboard. Draw 1 cm holes in the centre of each circle and cut out, making a donut. (Make sure they line up!)

2. Hold both cardboard donuts together. Grab your wool, make a small enough ball and start working the wool through the hole, all the way around your donut, until the hole is filled. You can use different colours for each layer.

3. Once you have ‘filled’ the hole in the centre, start cutting around the outside of the wool. Now thread a piece of wool between the 2 cardboard pieces, and tie up tightly. Pull the cardboard pieces away, and trim any stray lengths.

4. We used pipe cleaners to make Delia’s earmuffs. Have fun! Send me a photo of your Pom poms!



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