ISBNs and Barcodes

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. These numbers are used to keep a record of Metadata for all books.

I discovered it would be wise to purchase an ISBN and Barcode for my book, before going to print.

The place to go for Australian ISBNs is Thorpe Bowker. They have all the information on their website to make a decision on how many ISBNs you should purchase, based on your needs. For example if you wish to publish an ebook and hard copy, you will need a separate ISBN for each. Barcodes are needed, especially if you want to approach a book shop to sell your beautiful book, then both of these items are essential.

The prices vary, and I went for 10 ISBNs + 1 barcode, as it was more economical over time, and I hope to self-publish more books!

The process was relatively simple, there are quite a few pages of questions. However, they will answer your queries via email promptly.

Good luck with your writing journeys! I’d love to hear your handy writing tips.



One thought on “ISBNs and Barcodes

  1. Fascinating about ISBN and barcodes. Although I am a book dealer I have never thought of the origin of ISBNs, except that every book published since I think 1978 HAS an ISBN number…that’s how I list my books on Amazon and other book venues.

    Thanks for this information…I googled ISBN just now, and found an absolute treasure trove of stuff I did not know about books. I have not had a book published myself, maybe that’s why it never came up. I guess I’ve just assumed the publisher assigns the number.

    That’s one thing I love about blogging…lots of information. 🙂

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