My daughter and I have made some lovely notebooks over the weekend. I’m thinking of making lots of them for gifts, and personalising them for each recipient.

I think it’s really important to write about your life. My Grandmothers were a great influence in my life, my Grandfathers both served in World War Two. I feel I owe it to all of my grandparents to honour their lives, and to write it down. Every single life means something.

I need to categorise, so I’m making a journal to write all my childhood memories. Wonderful times spent with parents, grandparents and how they shaped my life. I will have a page that will take the reader through their homes. A sort of sensory journey. I still remember everything so vividly.

Then I have another notebook for daydreaming, whatever I need to put down. This usually occurs before bedtime, so it rests on my side cupboard, ready to go. Beautiful quotes, a sentence from a radio interview, or a movie. Whatever inspires me, moves me, and maybe I can use in future writing projects.

My daughter made a memory book of moments that mean something to her.

So, dear readers, how many notebooks do you have, and what do you use them for?



8 thoughts on “Notebooks

  1. Kylie Halford says:

    I LOVE note books too and I have many, many of them!
    Thank you for sharing your categories and the importance of keeping our memories in beautiful notebooks. It is extra special that you have made your notebooks, personalised them, ready to hold your own very precious stories that you share with your daughter. Very heartwarming and a quality of time together that will be treasured and remembered by you both.

  2. They are beautiful. I have a notebook for my scrapbooking cut outs and ideas, a notebook for writing down notes about day to day life, a notebook for my blog post ideas and another notebook for writing stories in. Think that’s it! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading this post and also this about the importance of your grandparents’and parents’ influence. I used to have notebooks on my inner thoughts and on details from my children were small. I always like to find some nice ones when travelling in England. But lately I use the drafts in WordWress to put down new ideas to write about and also the free ” Ever note” app where you can categorise everything and put pictures and e mails with it. I also want to write a lot of memory stories and heritage stories down for posterity to b able to read

  4. So nice that we across the world ca inspire each other having many interests in common approaching them differently. I used to be very creative in childhood and youth. I want to pick up at a few things. It seems writing and using a dictionary on that is my greatest interest at the moment

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