Andy Griffiths and the Book Munching Zombies at AWW2015

You know how you get quite a few annoying people walking along mindlessly, looking down, mobile in hand, earplugs on?

Well there is another species I discovered at Adelaide Writers’ Week this morning, and much less annoying.

Boys aged 8-12, holding Andy Griffith books, reading and walking at the same time! Andy, what have you done? You have turned our children into book munching zombie monsters. I saw one munch an entire book whilst waiting in line to have our books signed!

Andy was there for TWO HOURS, signing and having his photo taken with each child. I heard him say, ‘ I am here until the last book is signed!’ How awesome !

What a delightfully inspiring person, hilariously funny too. The kids clearly love him and his books.

So, to all those parents out there with reluctant readers, I say get them one of Andy’s books, and see what happens?

Andy self-published his books for ten years, before he was accepted with a publishing company. He has sold over 6 million books worldwide.

Below is the first in the Treehouse series. Our first Andy book! Review out soon.



3 thoughts on “Andy Griffiths and the Book Munching Zombies at AWW2015

  1. How exciting. I would love to meet Andy and so would my daughter. She has stacks of his books and would love to get them signed. Is he heading to Brisbane any time soon??

    • I’m not sure where he is heading next, you could check his website? He did an adult talk and in the kids red story tent today. I’ve been waiting for my daughter to be old enough to read these, and today was the perfect opportunity. Bloggers block crisis over!

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