Delia’s book out in 2015!

Thank you for following me and supporting my journey in 2014. I am grateful to you all, for enriching my life, and keeping me on this wonderful path, full of adventure. Happy new year to everyone.

My new year ‘focus’ is to turn this book into reality, and have it printed!

I would love to know what your plan/resolution is for 2015? Drop me a line.

Below, Delia draws up a plan to solve her problem, with a little help from Dad…….



8 thoughts on “Delia’s book out in 2015!

  1. Sarah Darbyshire says:

    Love your posts sorry I never reply. We can’t wait until this book is on the shelves, it looks awesome and so unique, well done you 😉.

    My plans for 2015 are to be more organised that is all for now 😘 Take it easy hope you’re enjoying the holidays were off to Renmark camping on the 18th eek lil bit excited to relax we hope lol xxx

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  2. Your book is looking great so far! I’m taking 6 months off this year and am going to concentrate on getting my manuscripts spot on and sending them off to some publishers. I’m also doing a Pitching to Publishers writing course. All the best for 2015!

  3. I’m glad to hear your feedback on NaNoWriMo was a positive experience, Rachel. I may give it a go this year?! I love chapter books. What is the topic of yours? I’m thinking of going that road too. Just getting quotes for printing Delia at the moment. Stay tuned!

  4. I just stumbled across your reply by accident. Wonder why it didn’t show up somewhere else? Didn’t realise I’d replied twice with the same answers either! haha Yeah you should give NaNoWriMo a go this year. It’s fun! My chapter book is about a group of boys who find themselves on a magical adventure at a fun fair after accidentally unleashing a curse from an ancient book of spells. How exciting that you’re getting quotes for Delia. So the book’s finished?

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