How Delia and her earmuffs were inspired!

I heard noises in the garage and there was DD with her brand new earmuffs, and mini tool belt on, helping Dad put together some furniture, and it just all ‘clicked’ together in my mind, just like that flat pack furniture you buy from a certain store!

I thought if I stuck to a good storyline, keep a good rhythm, follow my heart, make it fun and do my own thing; then edit, edit, edit I could create a character I really believed in.

The key is you have to love your character, or it doesn’t work. I asked Delia questions along the way, and built a character profile.

Purely by coincidence, we found a doll in a shop window, not dissimilar from Delia. (You will see her featured on previous posts.) My daughter took a shining to the doll, and immediately thought of Delia. Guess my Mother’s Day gift this year!

The pages below are Delia venturing off to school with her fabulous earmuffs on and looking into her imagination.

Come along for the fun train ride and enjoy!



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