A sneak peak of Delia and the writing process

Hi everyone,

Daisy Doodle (Illustrator) and I (Writer Noodle) have been working hard, creating pictures for the book and making great progress. It’s all looking fabulous! I have included a sneak peek picture below. Isn’t she adorable?

Just a few little tidy ups and we should be ready to launch the first page very soon. I am a little excited! It’s been a labour of love, and I’ve loved every minute.

Read on, if you’d like to know more about …….

The Writing Process:

I created Delia, mid 2012, as I watched my daughter tinkering in the shed with her Dad – earmuffs and tool belt on and having so much fun.

Prior to this, I had written a children’s book I wasn’t entirely happy with, as part of the TAFE Professional Writing course I completed.

So I shelved it, and began working on Delia and her earmuffs, with the assistance of my marvellous Editor/Manuscript Assessor. She explained to me often our first writing projects are a learning curve as a part of the process and craft of writing. Indeed, she was right.

Robyn explained how to make the story ‘active’, with lots of dialogue, putting Delia and her story into the spotlight.

It took me around 12 months from putting my pen on the paper to having a polished manuscript, that I felt happy to release into the wild!

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Thanks for your support and keep reading!

Writer Noodle 🙂
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