Alice Miranda and Clementine Rose

This week, I attended a book signing for the lovely Australian Author, Jacqueline Harvey.

The titles and main characters of the two series are Alice Miranda and Clementine Rose. Jacqueline spoke of her current book, Alice Miranda in Japan, and how all the various characters are linked to make a very entertaining story. There is an astonishing 220 characters over both series.

I was fascinated to know just who loves these books so much, and why are they so popular. The audience was a majority of young girls aged 8-11. As we lined up to have our book signed, I chatted to a delightful girl, with a pile of Alice Miranda books at the ready (which was only half of her collection!) She was eleven and was so excited to be there, and I asked if it was best to read these books in the order they come in and why. She said ‘Well I accidentally borrowed the wrong one in the library, and then I didn’t know the characters as well, as if I had read the previous book, and I just love all the characters so much!’ I think this answered my questions.

DD and me are reading the first in the series of Clementine Rose, and indeed there are a great bunch of personalities within the story. DD is somewhere between a longer picture book with more text and a 1st grade reader, so I am reading this book to her, which assists her with the comprehension of the story. As long as we are not too tired, it is working very well!

Jacqueline announced exciting news to us that Alice Miranda is being made into a television series. Wow, truly amazing. We wish her all the very best, and we will be staying tuned for the TV release!


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