The Cubby Nook Library

It started off as a small cubby. But if you can’t go out you have to go up, right?…

DD is so in love with her new space, and invited me over for our first cup of tea. She said I was welcome to use it for writing any time I like, both upstairs and downstairs. Such a generous soul. We grabbed some paper and pens and we talked and we wrote and we shared each others’ stories.

Deciding upstairs would be a perfect library, we began making it cosy with books, beanbag and cushions. I am proud to say we furnished only with items we already had in the house.

I dragged out my box of old Golden books and discovered I have 47 of them! They hold such dear childhood memories. I love everyone of them so much it is hard to name a favourite. So.. I’m naming two!

Rags (about a very sweet guard dog) and Pussy Willow (showing nature from a Cat’s perspective.)

I think we are in for many great adventures in our new space.

So tell me dear readers, do you have a cosy spot in your home for reading and writing? How many Golden books do you have, and which one is your favourite?




2 thoughts on “The Cubby Nook Library

  1. Jandra Winning says:

    Oooohh that sounds divine. It sounds cozy and fun. We read everywhere and anywhere in our house but would love a little nook…..might make one in my bedroom actually….a new project. I had about 20 golden books. Loved them. I still buy them for kids…our local Big W has heaps. My little girl is getting into Enid Blyton…squeal. I still have all my old books and we are reading them. Gosh I loved them. Kai likes The Cherry Tree Farm and Maya likes the Faraway tree. Were you into Enid Blyton in the day?

    • I have seen them at Dymocks too. I am very much looking forward to reading The Magic Faraway Tree, everyone who has read it has fond memories. I wasn’t introduced to Enid Blyton as a child, so it’s like I’m catching up with what I missed. It’s so much fun, like finding treasure. X

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