Review: The Puzzle Ring by Kate Forsyth

I loved this book. I have to confess I have become a big fan of Kate’s books, and this does not disappoint. Suitable for 10-100 years of age!

Living in Australia, Hannah finds out her Scottish ancestry is much more intriguing than she ever could imagine.

Her Mother receives a letter strangely addressed to The Countess of Wintersloe. The letter sets Hannah and Roz (Mother) on a course that takes them to Scotland. Hannah travels back in time to the Faerie realm, in search of her Father thought to have drowned in the town loch, and the search for the four pieces of the Puzzle Ring to break a 440 year old curse.

An ideal book if you want to be gently introduced to fantasy and the Faerie realm. Cleverly woven with historical events, during Mary Queen of Scots reign.

There is also a great recipe for Marmalade cake at the end of the book. I really love the thread of connection of food, linking past and present, and this cake does just that.

Did you know?
Up until the 19th century, 95% of all Scottish people believed in fairies?

Let me know what you think of this book, I would love your comments.
I like to think Fairies are protecting our forests and oceans, do you?



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