Welcome to Delia Writes

Hello & welcome.

 I’m so glad you’re here. I’d love you to join me on this adventure of the picture book kind.

Delia’s Perfectly Pink Earmuffs is the title of my book. I’ve had some wonderful guidance from my editor and it’s finished! Well the writing bit is. I loved the journey of creating Delia. She is a very confident young girl who loves to tinker and invent.

Now what? Send it off to a publisher? Yes. No response. Not surprised really, the market is swamped with great picture books. So maybe I can self-publish?

So, here’s the plan. With the assistance of a very talented friend/graphic designer, who has kindly offered to illustrate the book, we will be rolling it out page by page, with notes about the process and the progress. So you will be seeing it as it happens. In between the pages, I will be posting book reviews, and other bookish thoughts and adventures.

I am so totally excited to watch Delia come to life in pictures and not just in my head. Take a look around my blog and tell me what you think. I would love your comments and feed back. Enjoy.


14 thoughts on “Welcome to Delia Writes

  1. Jandra Winning says:

    Good luck with your new adventure. It sounds exciting and I can’t wait to follow along. Well done for following your dreams. Xx Jandra

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