More earmuff making….



Local Library storytelling

We’ve had some fun, my daughter and I, visiting local libraries and meeting some wonderful kids who love Delia and her perfectly pink earmuffs!

First we visited Parkholme Library, (larger than I expected) wonderfully helpful staff, and they also have a fabulous toy library.  (Wish I knew this when DD was little!)

Next we visited Marion Cultural centre, which is a fabulous space for creativity. They have many free events here. Check their next school holiday events at I met some eager children, who were very creative, and put together some beautiful earmuffs of their own, after my storytelling.

A big thank you to all the library co-ordinators everywhere, who put so much time, care and effort into organising events for our communities to learn , enjoy and come away inspired.

Zoe’s Perfectly Pink Earmuffs

Book Review: The Secret GardenĀ 

The Secret Garden by France’s Hodgson Burnett

Ah, what a sweet and lovely way to wander into Autumn, than with a book about a truly magical garden. 

The story starts with Mary Lennox, as spoiled and sour child, living in India, like a princess, whom at the age of 10 cannot even dress oneself. Through circumstances beyond her control , she is taken in by her Uncle and is sent to England to live with him. She eventually meets her cousin, Colin Craven, who is in fact a worse child than herself, and has been told repeatedly he is going to die.

As she begins to explore her new home, and stately gardens at Misselthwaite Manor, she meets some very interesting characters, (human and animal) and learns about how happy life can be as a normal, healthy child. To see the garden come back to life , to observe the ‘moor’through each season, as seen through a child’s eyes, who has very little himself, but has such joy in his heart ( Dickon Sowerby), it is hard not to be captured by this old classic story. 

My favourite character: The Robyn.

Notes: Slow to start, keep with it, it’s truly worth it. The Yorkshire English dialogue may pull the young reader out of the story. 

Suitable for ages 10 and up.  


Book creator app


There was a lovely lady at the bookmaking workshop today, who wanted to know which app I used to make iBooks. If you search bookcreator (no spaces) in Apps, it will come up as a rainbow colour, with a white book and scissors icon featured. They have a really good tutorial and it’s FREE to download.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you go!  Have funšŸ˜€

Book Creator Workshop

Hi there,

My second visit to Henley Beach Library was for a book making workshop session, I created for the children. We had a full booking of 20 kids, which was great!  We started with a Delia book reading for inspiration, followed by a paper folding into a small book, no staples or sticky tape required! (I will post the instructions for this shortly).Then the children were free to create their own story or use my Create-a-story box.

The box has many story prompts to get started if you are stuck for ideas. I had such fun making these, and the children seemed to enjoy them too. If they didn’t like the prompt, they could go and choose another.

At the end of the workshop there were so many amazing front covers, and great starts to wonderful stories. I will let the photo collage below speak for itself.  If you would like to have your full story featured, get your mum or dad to post a comment, or send an email to:

Well done everyone, it was fun meeting you all!


Delia Book Launch Success!

Hi everyone,

Well what a fun launch day we had at Henley Beach Library. I am pleased to tell you it was a great success, and the kids had such fun listening to my story, followed by some craft, creating their own earmuffs with fake fur, and glittery bits, and a healthy morning tea.

I met quite a few new readers, who took away my book, found a cosy spot to sit and  read it over and over with their parents and grandparents, finding something new each time.

A BIG thank you to Julia and Sue at the Library for your support and setting up each area. Everything ran so smoothly. Also thank you to Mayor Evans for officiating the launch, who spoke of the need for different types of books out there to appeal to the individual reader.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended, it was lovely too see so many smiling faces!


The Spirit of Mother Christmas

I could list all the excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging, but that’s boring, and I want to give you something interesting to read! AND … I do have very exciting news…’re invited in my next post!

I found this excellent post at on the female origins of Christmas, in which the female horned reindeer, who was the great goddess of the north, and associated with the Winter solstice. It was when the pagan traditions of Winter solstice were “Christianised”, that the bearded man “Father Christmas” was born.  For more of this read on….Spirit of Mother Christmas 


I do hope ENJOY your holidays. The year has passed so quickly, I’ll be happy to relax. This is how we spend our Christmas Day …

 After the gift unwrapping,  we usually start Christmas lunch with a champagne and nibbles. I’m going to add some peach puree to mine this year. Lunch consists of a large piece of pork with excellent crackling, and lots of apple sauce and gravy & fruit pudding & custard for dessert. However, since writing this post, Nana has changed it to a seafood feast, which is fine. Bring on the oysters, prawns and fish! I will now make a spicy icecream cherry pudding my dear friend gave me the delicious recipe,  (which I’m sure she won’t mind if I blog the recipe?) which makes complete sense, as our Christmas Day is generally over 30 degrees  C!  Then, probably a nana nap. But, secretly, I still love a roast pork!

So how will you spend your Christmas? Is it a big feast, or low key? Or is Christmas Eve the main event, and what do you eat?  I would love to know.